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Accountant, Consultant, Designer & Mom:  My family, friends, clients and colleagues refer to me as

I cultivate relationships through quality time spent with each determining their actual true needs, devising a plan of action to obtain their specific goal while holding hands if needed for guidance to make certain of obtaining it.

Over the years this nurturing nature has brought me a broad spectrum client base, literally from finance and wealth management to building images through design and healthy living. Each client looking for something different but overall finding their better selves and living a happier healthier lifestyle.


MAKE YOU MONEY!  I help businesses generate revenue through online digital exposure! Yes I put your offline or brand new business online.

Allow me to put your brick and mortar or eCommerce store on the World Wide Map called the Web. Specializing in digital lead generation though websites,social media management and local business directories.

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SAVE YOU MONEY! I will either save you money … or I’ll give you some of mine!  That is how sure I am in my ability to save you money in your business.

As a small business tax specialist for more than 25 years, I can spot a cash flow leak a mile away.  Rather your business needs a minor tune up or a complete overhaul on a continuum basis, I have both the skills and the experience to help you.

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I have all the right tools to Help You

I also have decades of experience that sets me apart so I can help set YOU apart!

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So just who am I and how can I help YOU!

If you have been to any of my personal pages or my other Scopes you may be wondering just who am I.  My name is Sherri Lowery.  My clients, colleagues, friends, even my family call me the Nurturer because I go above and beyond to help people and most of the time it is absolutely FREE.  I have built a massive and very diverse client base over the years due to helping so many different types of individual and companies.  These relationships are cultivated by actually getting to know the needs of my clients and customers.  I help them to sort through their situation and determine actual goals.  Then we devise a real plan of action to reach those goals.

Having undergraduate degrees in Computer & Information Sciences as well as an MBA in business, my core focus was accounting. However, the more my clients knew of other ways I could help them, both personally and with their business, my business grew and grew.

Many knew of my life long chronic and autoimmune health issues that always seem to flare up at the most inopportune times. As I hunted down specialists looking for solutions sharing with everyone that inquired.  I spent weeks and months researching key medial issues and when I FINALLY got my health back in 2013 I made it a point to share with the world.  Communication and Education are the two underlying factors here, Dr’s need to understand patients and patients need to know how to communicate with their Dr’s.

Over the last couple of decades I have spent tens of thousands ….  and thousands of dollars on programs and systems to allow to me to operate more efficiently, improve my health and become a “better me”.  I have found solutions in areas of finance and business to health and fitness.  The nurturing nature kicked in, as many were absolutely clueless and didn’t even know where to start.  Some were flat broke but had the strong will and dedication to be successful if given the proper “launch”.  So my mission was to find easily implemented systems and as economical as possible…usually FREE. This was not an easy task as many FREE things are junk ~ you pay for what you get.  But I found them, the good ones and I share them with anyone now that can put them to use.

“As meat is the cure of hunger, so is study the cure of ignorance”, unknown author

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Gandhi


I'm here for You

Together we can determine what it is you are struggling with and create an easy to follow plan of action to get you heading in right direction.

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Although much of the information I provide here is FREE, there are ads and affiliate links through out the site that I may earn commission through, if an item or services is purchased through the link.

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