The #InstaFreeChallenge

The #InstaFreeChallenge is on are you in?

The best things I have done in my life have literally happened by surprise, by mistake or were just not suppose to happen (medical issues – wasn’t suppose to be able to have children..and I have two blessings!).  And once again I have found myself very happy with a surprise outcome that was totally unexpected.  You see I don’t use Instagram very much and mid September I posted to one of Instagram accounts about my Scope Channel on Periscope.  Now even though all my twitter accounts are connected to Periscope which broadcast out to some 45K followers, I received more from that ONE little Instagram picture post than all my other social media accounts combined and the current Periscope followers.

Soooooo I was discussing this with a client and told her I was going to test the market with Instagram and would then report how well or not it did for me on one of accounts.  (I strongly believe in testing things before advising clients).  She asked that I test with everyone – somewhat like an accountability partner. This would allow us to mastermind our way through and see what is working or not working in the different markets.  I thought about it, I asked a few more clients and followers and they too wanted to jump in cold feet and us ALL DO IT TOGETHER.

I am still trying to work out the details, I thought I would include some prizes and I also need feedback from you on the best way for us to mastermind as a group.  I will create a Facebook group page just for this.  I know many are not on Periscope (or perhaps not yet), some may not even be on Facebook, so I will set up a series of webinars or Google Hangouts as well so everyone can access the masterminding sessions.  There will NOT be any fee for this, it will all be FREE OF CHARGE.  Those of you in my Instagram Newsletter will be updated automatically so I encourage you to join. I will even share with you Instagram PDF download and a Free Video Tutorial HERE (or click the picture) so you can get a head start.  Since there was such an impact from Instagram to my Periscope channel, you might want to get the Periscope PDF and Video Tutorial HERE while it’s still free (or click the picture).

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